Associate Professor - Digital Media
California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly)
San Luis Obispo

I currently hold the position of Associate Professor in Digital Media in the Art and Design Department at the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. I teach foundation through advanced level courses in digital media theory and production, with emphasis in visual narrative construction and creative content development. Visual narratives, as much as the invention of new pedagogical methods using advanced technology (interactive media, networking, motion tracking, virtual reality,etc.) and cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural models have been at the center of my professional and pedagogical efforts.

As the sole faculty member in digital media my duties and responsibilities have been curriculum development, instruction of digital media classes (software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Maya, Autocad. Scripting languages: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, MEL script. Programming languages: Processing and Python), leading the digital media lab and playing a key role in technology committees at department and college levels.           

During my years in CalPoly I practiced an exploratory use of technology for storytelling, and stimulated interdisciplinary efforts and collaboration to strengthen the understanding of global culture and develop innovative ideas for pedagogical practice.

Short Bio: Enrica was raised in an Italian hamlet by the Mediterranean sea; her deep sea diver dad taught her early on the value of knowing how to build her creative projects. She studied Architecture in Genova (Italy), urban design in Lyon (France) and media arts and technology in Santa Barbara (U.S.A.). In life she embraced creative fields in which it was indispensable to own the technical side of her creations. Architecture, more than any, requires the knowledge of design as well as construction, materials, and sustainable practices, all merging to make a living sculpture. Enrica Lovaglio Costello is an Associate Professor in the Art and Design department at Cal Poly, specializing in media arts and technology, with emphasis in visual narrative construction, creative content development, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural models.


2014 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Paper published in conference proceedings and joint presentation with Prof. Zoe Wood in computer science: outcomes and challenges of the Computation for the Interactive Arts minor. See paper.

”Cantra: Mythological Utopia and Metaphorical Reality for Visualizing and Accessing Information in 3D Interactive Worlds”. Published and Presented at the IADIS conference in Murcia, Spain in 2006. This research attempts to merge the efforts made by the scientific world and the ones of many valuable theorists regarding information access and interface design. The project explores the introduction of spatial metaphors in the intent of improving the visualization of and the navigation through data structures. I presented this Research at the IADIS/www international conference in October 2006 in Murcia, Spain.See paper.

Lumiere Ghosting Project: An Interactive, film-based virtual environment. Published in the proceedings and presented at Siggraph 2004, Los Angeles, CA.The Lumiere Ghosting Project illustrates how film, television and the Internet have released media ghosts into our public and private lives, into our memories and into our dreams. These ghostly visions evolve and shape-shift as they move from one culture to the next, leaving a trail of complex images, stories, symbols and modes of behavior. This complicated process of image-based cross-cultural transmission, interaction and transformation is designed to help people take a fresh look at how the projection and wide-spread distribution of moving images has complicated, globalized, and increased the speed of cultural change and cultural interaction.
-Conference Proceedings

“The Lumiere Ghosting Project and the CompuObscura: an internet driven, multi-site interactive study of cross-cultural narrative transmission and transformation”. 2004 Presentation at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu - Hawaii.
The CompuObscura, an interactive, film based virtual environment, in which motion capture and photographic mappig allow users/viewers to interact with projections.
-The CompuObscura model
-Video Simulation

This is the grant proposal to fund our research (joint effort between me and Prof.David Gillette in the English department in CalPoly. We were the recipients of the grant in 2003, that funded the research and construction of art installation in CalPoly
-Lumiere Ghosting & the CompuPresence Zoetrope

Winter 2014:
Presentation with Prof. Monica Rossi at the 2014 Hawaii International Conference on Education - Paper published in Conference Proceedings. Here is the presentation: Two different systems of higher education - U.S. and Italy: The Sugar and Fist Approaches, learning from the comparison



ART 350 Computation for the Interactive Arts Capstone I Two capstone classes at the end of the Computation for the Interactive Arts (CIA) minor push cross disciplinary teams of art and computer science students to do innovative conceptual projects that use cutting edge technology. 2016 Projects:
-Poly Paths
-Post-it Platformer

ART 474 Collavorative Studio: Rendering, Animation, Modeling Lab:
Final Project: Demo Reel or Animation
Software: Autodesk Maya
-Zack Ragozzino
-Johan Tonsgard: The Filling
-Allison Lee

ART 384 Three Dimensional Modeling and Design:
Final Project: Character Design, 3D model, turntable animation
Software: Autodesk Maya
-Chris Wallis: Color Clash
-Brent Williams
-Becca Quant
-Robert Crosby
-Kevin Kondo
-Work in progress: "Finding your place"

ART 182/183 Digital Foundation I/II:
Storytelling, design and imagemaking (illustration, photography, digital drawing and painting, book making, computational art) through Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Processing. Here are few examples in which my students designed and "constructed" the story, the characters and the animation, mixing digital drawing/painting, photography and camera motion:
-The great journey
-The red baloon
-An unusual work day
-Chloe Millhouser digital painting
-"Flying patterns" storyboard


-Summers 2017 and 2013: Studio Ticino workshops in 3D modeling (Maya) and desktop publishing (InDesign) in Scudellate, Switzerland for Prof. Tom DiSanto and his students (architecture department in CalPoly)

Fall 2014:
-The Computation for the Interactive Arts joint Minor in CalPoly, created by me and Prof.Zoe Wood in Computer Science, open only to Art and Design, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering majors.
-Supervised Thesis of Lucia Amatori and Francesca Marcozzi, Italian Architecture students who spent one quarter in San Luis Obispo in order to be guided by me on their thesis (design and implementation of a virtual museum).

Maya workshop taught in the computer science department at CalPoly to prepare students for class taught by Dreamworks.

Spring 2013:
Faculty member for the department of Computational Design at the University of Camerino (UNICAM) in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. During my quarter in Italy I published an article in "Le Mappe", presented at "La Rinascita" and led the workshop "Coast to Coast 10" in which architecture students from CalPoly and UNICAM collaborated in the design of a complex architecture project in Pesaro, Italy.

Fall 2012:
As part of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE, I was nominated Coleman Fellow in 2011): Presentation for the CIE forum at the Performing Art center in San Luis Obispo: "Entrepreneurship and the Arts: The Impact of the Technology Revolution"


Professional Work
My professional work spans across residential architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design and web design. I created two pdf files of my recent work, one for architecture, one for graphic/web design.

Architectural Portfolio

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Curriculum Vitae
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